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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> are big story tonight, a rash of car break-ins has several on edge. some residents may have unknowingly provided that these easy access to their homes as well. kerry cavanaugh is live in timonium with more. >> police say that these targeted at least three neighborhoods in baltimore county. investigators say most of the break in for crimes of opportunity, cases where people left their cars unlocked, and in some cases left the garage door opener clipped to the visor. i the church road sits in a quiet area of timonium. one resident said they grew lax about locking doors because they felt so safe. >> someone came in an open cars in the neighborhood. my husband had his work credit card in his car. >> police say the thieves had
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about 20 cars in the neighborhood bge hit about 20 cars in the neighborhood. >> at first i thought it was one of my kids to with looking for something. >> most of the cars greek -- easy targets because they were unlocked. investigators say the break-ins are part of a string of at least 30 of the past two weeks. in several cases, police said that these the hold a garage door openers in the cars and let them sell them, stealing valuables. >> there are never to have been here for a long time who have said this never happens in this neighborhood, will this have to be more vigilant. people are reminding each other to close rod stores and leave their cars locked. >> baltimore county police say they believe it is likely that all the cases are linked.
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at this point they do not have any suspects. they are reiterating the importance of locking your doors and making sure you don't leave any bibles visible through your car windows. kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> new tonight, a shooting investigation in north baltimore. it happened just after 9:00 tonight. police said they found a man lying in the street, suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with what were believed to be non life-threatening injuries. a 57-room and was reportedly assaulted inside his home. police say at 11:00 this morning, two suspects approached a home on stillwater wrote asking to use the telephone. after being denied access, they left, but returned minutes later with an unknown weapon. police said the victim was struck in the head and then the suspect fled on foot. they are still at large tonight.
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anyone with information is being asked to call a major crime section. a dispute over a parking space input to people struck by a car and a woman in police custody. happened friday night in white marsh. police said 35-year-old brandy ames became irate after another corporate -- after another driver pulled into a parking spot that she wanted. she confronted a passenger in the car and a pipe broke out. >> the driver of the oldsmobile injured her vehicle, pulled forward and struck the passenger of the volkswagen, pinning her against the third person vehicle. >> police say when ames saw witness taking photographs of the incident, she drove into that person as well. a baltimore city fire paramedic has been suspended with pay, charged with striking a patient.
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colleagues of shaun white balder report about what happened within intoxicated woman during the call. investigators say white slapped the woman, grabbed her by the throat, and slammed her on a stretcher. it was partly captured on a surveillance video from a nearby video. >> there is no audio on the tape, but what i see as a combative patient, and sean trying to restrain her. i have said to sean, do i think the patient care was at the utmost? nope. do i think he needs to be thrown in jail? absolutely not. >> city bar officials say the incident is a personnel matter and has lost its own investigation. we first brought this story back in march. the suspect in an assault that long reach high school in howard county has pleaded guilty to the crime. he admits to striking a 16-year- old in this video. happened on school property in
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colombia. during today's hearing, it was found that the suspect -- beckham at boehner -- ron fries, sister of donnell vannison. sheldon dutes is live downtown with a look and how local occupy movement has evolved in the last year. >> it will most likely remember seeing all the protesters here. they were protesting perceived economic inequalities. although they were evicted shortly after the protests began, the movement still lives on, but with a slightly different focus. >> people say we thought occupy baltimore was dead, but we are not. we are still alive. we are just everywhere. >> a group of occupy baltimore supporters gathered outside to reminisce about the past year of
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the occupy movement. the baltimore movement started a few weeks after the national movement to protest perceived economic inequities. the movement is still very active and has teamed up with other local organizations for community outreach. >> we want schools to get funded. we don't think money that is spent on things like the grand prix really is helping our city. we want homes for the homeless. >> happy birthday to occupy wall street. we have survived for a year and we are still facing a lot of resistance from police and from principalities and powers. >> more than 100 people have been arrested, mostly on disorderly conduct charges. this weekend here in baltimore, supporters marked the anniversary by shining this 99%
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on the world trade center downtown. >> we continue working within the community. we continue working the baltimore development corporation. we continue trying to stop foreclosures. we continue the march we are on. >> the occupied baltimore movement officially began on october 4, local organizers say they plan to mark the one-year anniversary of occupy baltimore. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland has a new labor secretary tonight. governor martin o'malley made the announcement today that he will head the maryland department of labor, licensing, and regulation. since november, he had been deputy secretary for the state department of human resources and spent 4.5 years as the labor department's deputy secretary. he will take his new position on
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october 8. mitt romney is trying to shift focus from a video release of him recently sang almost half of americans believe they are victims that depend on the governor -- the pin on the government, and he is not responsible for them. the obama campaign calls for comment shop ishocking. former president bill clinton toward a hospitality school in haiti as part of his continuing effort to help haiti rebuild after the devastating earthquake there. he is the un special envoy to haiti and has watched over various projects to help the country in its rebuilding efforts. the former president said it could help revive the tourism industry in haiti. >> it will allow the people to see that president clinton is
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doing great things for the tourism in haiti. >> there are mounting concerns over anti-american protest in the middle east, with the demonstration showing few signs of calming down after raging for a full week. daniel lee has the latest from washington. >> chanting protesters left little -- they were in vigor i did other rare appearance of the hezbollah leader calling for more demonstrations. the u.s. embassy is burning secret documents as a precaution. firing teargas at demonstrators trying to reach the u.s. consulate. an anti-islamic video of the protests. similar sounds of unrest dominated parts of indonesia, the west bank, and iran.
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sirens blared near kabul where a few hundred afghans set fire to cars and shops. >> it is about politics and world power, about what is taking place in these countries. it is a tremendous, complex, and painful transition. >> unprecedented insider attacks by afghans in training have resulted in least six deaths over the weekend, raising questions about how to protect u.s. soldiers. >> this is so serious, we need more help. we cannot do not all on our own. >> we will not lose sight of the fundamental mission here. >> officials reinforcing their resolve despite increasingly difficult circumstances. >> tonight, some cases of vandalism appeared to be targeting mosques in virginia. fbi officials said on friday, worshipers at the islamic
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center of the shallot -- shenandoah valley arrived at their prayer service to find graffiti on the windows. the windows of about 30 cars were smashed in falls church. authorities are looking into whether the events are related to angry anti-u.s. protests in the muslim world about a film produced about the prophet muhammad. employees at a nursing home or now facing a new battle. the investigation is next. how the kennedy center plans to improve the arts program. a big announcement concerning the coaches on nbc's "the voice." >> the forecast is up next. >> the forecast is up next.
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suggs numerous deficiencies and finds forced american force to maryland nursing home to close. as barry simms explains, their health care coverage is yet another issue. >> it left all of us in a bind. >> the doors are locked at harborside nursing and rehabilitation center. former employees of the facility say it officially closed last week. only essential personnel are here. now some of the 71 laid-off workers like debra modem or finding their health care benefits have disappeared. >> i found out when i went down to get a refill on my insulin.
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>> her notice of lay off advises her benefits would not end until september 30. harborside announced in august it was permanently closing. the 70 patients were moved to other facilities. a march inspection done numerous fire hazards and safety violations. faulty air-conditioning left residents living in sweltering heat. after a $52,000 fine, reagan would help your fault for bankruptcy. -- ravenwood health care filed for bankruptcy. >> we have been here taking care of these patients everyday, and they just threw us out like that. >> sandra and her former co- workers say they are owed thousands of dollars in vacation and other benefits. we contacted the parent company in baton rouge, louisiana. the chief financial officer says workers get paid for the work
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they did, including overtime. she says in terms of the personal time paid out, some have not been paid. the goal is to pay the workers. as for the health benefits, the chief operating officer says workers will get a notice to apply and get on cobra. >> company officials say month due from medicare and medicaid come in, they will try to pay the workers. an investigation is under way into possible cheating scandal within the baltimore city public-school system. we have confirmed that the district is looking to hire a date of forensics company to produce thousands of standardized test results for possible cheating. the company would review 8000 test booklets from 2009 and 2010. the investigation involves more than a dozen schools who saw dramatic drops in their test scores in the past three years.
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some principals have been fired resulting from that investigation, but one has since been reinstated. a big name in the arts took an interest in baltimore city schools. the any given job program is coming to baltimore. they are already a number of schools across the city with the partnership that help students experience art and music. officials said this program to help make sure that resources are distributed more efficiently. >> the idea is to do a survey, get a quick snapshot of education and look where the gaps are and if there is a way to better provide equity to those arts education resources so that every child can have the arts as part of their education. >> the kennedy center would help to fill in some of those gaps. baltimore is the ninth city to be selected for that program. you will soon see some new faces occupying the judge's chairs on "the voice."
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the show's producers say christina aguilera and cee lo green will return next year. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> what weather coming our way. we have not had rain in over nine days here, 219 hours since the last rain was reported at bwi marshall. the radar is picking up on quite a bit of shower activity coming up from the south. any moment now we will get the first drops from what looks to be a wet day or so as the wet weather pattern comes in. by now most of the rain is still to our south. it will be over most of our area by the time we hit the morning rush-hour. a bunch of rain coming up from the south, some much-needed
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rain, as a matter of fact. nothing in the gauge for today. we or about an inch below normal, and up to 6.3 inches for the year. it will not begin at -- will not be bad to get some rain. the potential for a couple of inches in the next 24-36 hours. 74 for the high today, and averages 78. right now temperatures have leveled off because of that beginning cloud cover and the showers approaching. the morning should see cloudy skies, some showers in the area, 62-67 degrees and winds out of the south, gradually increasing during the day. the front near chicago will be approaching us and the area of low pressure near the gulf will be feeding low pressure. once the front kicks all the
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moisture off the coast, but it will have chilly air behind it. a fall-like air will get here by the middle of the week. a shower tomorrow morning, thunderstorm in the afternoon evening and then the storms move off the coast overnight. maybe a sprinkle lingering on the eastern shore around dawn on wednesday but after that a high pressure comes in. wednesday and thursday look like a couple of nice days around here. 1.5-2.5 inches of rain in parts of pennsylvania and amounts to our west. most areas around baltimore it to the south will get up to 1.5 inches. there may be some thunder in there as well. winds gusting on the day so the weather service has issued a small craft advisory. for-foot waves and there is a wind advisory for folks over on the eastern shore. the winds could top 40 miles an hour.
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storms announced tomorrow, then a chilly 55 for high near deep creek lake on wednesday. gradual clearing on wednesday. a stormy day tomorrow down at ocean city with some heavy downpours and then the rain should taper off by lunchtime on wednesday. fall is on the way. sunshine thursday and friday and fall officially begins at 10:49 saturday morning. >> tonight jimmy phelan is welcoming an academy award winning actress. >> see you tonight on late-night -- on late night after jay leno. >> wait until you see the nouriel highlights. they are -- the nouriel highlights. see how they are doing, next in sports.
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>> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $650,000. 23-9-14-19-7-30. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $675,000. the next rawness thursday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11 -- the next brawling is thursday night
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>> orioles fans might get a full night's sleep after all. leading seattle 7-1 in the fourth.
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they close the revet said cofield. nate mcleod -- closed the roof at safeco field. a big three-run inning for the orioles, but first, everything is going their way. adam jones with the rbi single, 2-0 o's. right off the top of the pitcher's mound. matt wieters into a score for the second, 3-0 o's. that all that with a four-run second inning. macleod comes in to score and the orioles are having their way out west, they are leading 7-1 in the fourth inning. rays losing to boston tonight at
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tropicana field. rays trying to squeeze in a run. 1-0, tampa bay. the first head of the game for the red sox, gives them the lead that would linder. 5-2 over the rays. if he did not like the way yesterday's ravens game played out, i suggest to avoid a career in coaching. john harbaugh and plenty of scrutiny to the end of yesterday's game. the ravens had third down and two and missed on a pass to dennis pitta. then they elected to throw the ball again. this time it was flacco under a lot of pressure. he missed to ray rice be that close the door on hopes of winning over the eagles and open
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the door to a lot of ravens second-guessing. >> you can always look back on it, in the time it doesn't work. you can look back and say i wish i had done something else. a different pass, maybe we should have called timeout. maybe some kind of run would have popped up through there are maybe it would not have. that is fair. >> the ravens talk so much about not running the ball. the ceremony will take place at halftime in sunday night's game against the patriots. jamal lewis holds the all-time rushing yardage record, 7801 yards. the man was of the east. in this is getting it shares a
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lot more than he misses getting tackled. >> it is a great feeling, very emotional at the same time. just the fans in the stands, just remembering that first day, running through the tunnel. this is really it. the same thing this time, this is it. like i said, i am very honored for this, and it is just a great deal and a good way to go out. >> ask for the orioles, they continue to roll. 9-1 orioles out in seattle. tom tasselmyer withhqhqhqhqhqhq1
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roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> the string of beautiful weather is finally over. we all knew it had to end. >> it will clear out wednesday, and welcome to fall on saturday with a little front coming through in the evening. kind of chilly again on sunday and monday. >> that's all for 11
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- richard gere, author and wrestler, anthony robles,


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